Admissions Policy - 6th Form

Becket Keys Sixth Form Admissions

All Year 11 students who wish to stay at the school will be able to continue into the Sixth Form, subject to meeting the academic criteria, and their course requirements. We will offer advice, guidance and support to all of our students to ensure they are able to make informed choices about their post-16 education. 

There are at least 35 places available to external applicants. External applicants wishing to be admitted to Year 12 must apply directly to the school prior to the closing date, using the online application form (or the hard copy form available on request from the school office).

The closing date and full details of the application process will be published annually. 

The same Year 12 Academic Criteria and course requirements apply to both external and internal applicants, but if the external places are oversubscribed then they will be prioritised according to the Oversubscription Criteria set out in the Admissions Policy:

September 2021

 Full Admissions Policy for 2021/2022

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September 2022

Full Admissions Policy 2022 - 2023

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