Enrichment Days

There are three enrichment days across the year, with the Sixth Form coming off timetable to develop their skills in varied ways.

The first is always the London Challenge and is for both year groups. During the day, students work in groups of around six to complete a series of activities around the capital. This event is designed to build relationships within and between year groups, with a focus on tactical planning in the week leading up to the competition and then teamwork, organisation, time management and problem-solving skills all needing to be employed on the day. Although it changes each year to keep it fresh, the London Challenge usually incorporates a scavenger hunt, a quiz with clues around the city, the need to complete a circuit of specified destinations, the much-anticipated tacky souvenir purchasing and a requirement to take countless selfies. The event finishes before the end of the school day so that those who want to can then plan an afternoon and evening of entertainment, with students often going to a theatre show, a restaurant, shopping, to a football match or to a tourist attraction.

Year 12 spend the second enrichment day visiting Anglia Ruskin University. During this trip, they attend workshops in which they learn more about what life in higher education is like, how to complete a personal statement successfully and how to budget their finances when they are university students. They also get taken on a tour of the university and learn more about the social side of it all too!

The second enrichment day for Year 13 is always planned nearer to the time as this allows flexibility depending on the students’ needs at that time of year. It could include an opportunity to complete extended practical tasks in subjects, to participate in degree level academic activities or to prepare for their next steps after Sixth Form with individual support tailored to their needs.

The third enrichment day takes place after Year 13 have left following their exams. Year 12 are visited by Roadster – a charity which has the aim of making our roads safer and educating those who are just starting to learn to drive. During this event, Year 12 learn about road safety (including how to take responsibility if a friend is acting unsafely), how to choose their first cars wisely, what to do in an emergency, including basic first aid, and the finances involved with driving.