Faith in Learning

Becket Keys is well known as a very distinctive Church of England School and this will obviously continue into the Sixth Form. Our motto 'Faith in Learning' means that we bring the issues and questions of faith into our learning and into our academic studies. Regular worship, prayer and meditation opportunites will exist for Sixth Formers.

Also being Planned for Year 12 and 13 are Philosophy and Ethics debating days in which the curriculum will be suspended for a morning or an afternoon and students will listen to visiting speakers and engage in particular moral dilemma debates. Possible topics are:

  • Is it right to have a nuclear deterrent?
  • Should murderers be killed?
  • What rights should a man have in a woman's decision to have an abortion?
  • Is religion is a myth to control the masses?

Students will also have access to a Christian Union, chapel and a beautiful multifaith prayer room.