Sixth Formers will be the student leaders within our school.  As such we expect you not only to take responsibility for your own learning and development, but to share with staff some of the responsibility for our thriving Christian community.  We will expect you to choose a responsible role or post that serves the school as a whole and undertake training for that role during our Sixth Form induction.  For example: playing a regular role in running assemblies and collective worship for the junior years; acting as a reading partner or mentor for a younger student; sharing with the staff the leadership of a club or society or school event.  A good number of you will be appointed prefects.

Dress code

You will be allocated lanyards and expected to wear our grey Sixth Form suits which are smart and business-like, as part of your training for the adult world at work. Our Sixth Form suits also remove the need to concern yourself with what to wear and what others might think of your choices!